Limited Edition Prints

We accept credit cards by PayPal. Add 10% to the prices below for shipping within the USA. Allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery particularly for framed prints. Plexiglass is used on larger prints to avoid breakage. Contact us by Email. Payment may also be made by check. Your check will likely clear before the print is ready for shipment. Prices will escalate on limited edition prints as the edition begins to sell out. Limited editions are currently limited to 125. Purchase of each photo is for display only. These photos may not be reproduced or copied without permission of Muril Robertson Photography.

Print Size
Print Only
With White
Mat Only
Matted &
8" X 10"
6.7" X 10"
$125.00 $160.00 $220.00
11" X 14"
12" X 18"
$180.00 $220.00 $300.00
16" X 20"
14" X 21"
$275.00 $365.00 $525.00

Please Email for Prices on Larger Sizes

Print Size
Print Only
With White
Mat Only
Matted & Framed
6" X 18" $200.00 $250.00 $355.00
10" X 30" $275.00 $360.00 $535.00
12" X 36" $325.00 $475.00 $670.00
16" X 48" $450.00 $675.00 $995.00
20" X 60" $695.00 * $1200.00 *
24" X 72" $995.00 * $1500.00 *
* Framed with a 2" white linen liner. Too large for matting.

Triptych Prices
Select three photos from any of our Price Lists and deduct 10%. These may be matted and framed separately or together. When framed separately, simply deduct 10% from the total matted and/or framed price. When matted and framed together, the total cost will be less. This savings will be calculated when the custom framing is completed. The savings will be refunded once custom framing is completed. Actual print sizes may vary in order to improve the aesthetics of single framed triptychs.

Print Info
Each prints is individually produced on archival paper using state-of-the-art Ultra Chrome K3 Inks on my Epson 4800 printer. Traditional chemical based prints are also available using either Fuji Crystal Archive or Kodak Metallic papers. Contact me if you have questions about print options. Archival white matte board and metal frames are used. Other matte and frames are available by request. Each print limited to 125 and signed and numbered by Muril Robertson. Permanence results for Premium Luster paper with the Archival inkset will apparently easily exceed a 200 year display permanence rating (although the test may never be completed) and the same paper with the UltraChrome inkset has ended at 165 years. Numbers for the newer UltraChrome K3 inkset with Premium Luster (250) are headed for a result which is "the same or better" than the prior results (165 years w. UV protection). These are relative numbers that depend on the light level and on the tolerance to image change set by my friend Henry Wilhelm of Wilhelm Imaging Research. See for detailed information on the lightfastness, humidity-fastness, and dark keeping qualities of photographic materials of many types.

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